"Set it on Fire" follows previous LUNO outings "Beneath The Moon & Me" and "Keeps Bringing Me Back", and is teamed with a Charlie Denis-directed video.

Blood Cultures say of the new single, "It’s a critical look at nihilism and the choice of ignorance in the age of information. People often forget or choose to ignore their own power, but change is possible only through accepting your responsibility to yourself and the world around you. The main theme of the new project LUNO is about change through death and resurrection. Sometimes you have to let things burn, to see what comes from the ashes."

LUNO will follow their 2019 album Oh Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs, and will feature eight tracks in total.


  1. Keeps Bringing Me Back
  2. Deep Sea Diver
  3. Set it on Fire
  4. Graveyard Vibes
  5. Andromeda
  6. When The Night Calls...
  7. Cabin Fever Freestyle
  8. Beneath the Moon & Me
"Set it on Fire" is out now. Blood Cultures' LUNO project will be released 28 May, and is available to pre-order now.