The band have announced that their European tour dates until 16 November have been cancelled. In a statement shared on socials, Black Country, New Road wrote that it's due to "a member of the band falling ill."

"We have been trying to work things out logistically and financially in order to find a way to resume the tour," the band's statement continued. "However, given the number of band and crew members and the cost of touring overseas, the costs are too high to remain in Europe whilst recovery times are uncertain."

After apologising to fans who had bought tickets for their European shows, Black Country, New Road added that they "did not take this decision lightly."

Just yesterday (2 November) the group released "Bread Song", the second single from their forthcoming album Ants From Up There following last month's lead single "Chaos Space Marine".

Black Country, New Road's Ants From Up There album will be released 4 February 2022 via Ninja Tune, and is available to pre-order now. They're due to play London's Roundhouse on 8 February 2022. Tickets are on sale now.