Following on from the likes of Thom Yorke, David Byrne and more giving their opinions on the current state of the music industry, Björk has now offered her stance in a new interview.

Speaking to Wired, the Icelandic musician spoke about her recent Biophilia album app, what has been described as a pioneering ”multimedia exploration of music, nature and technology”. She also gave her views on the connection between music and technology as a whole and how these things are changing.

Check out some choice quotes below.

On established acts using crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter:

“I think it is both right and wrong. It depends on the project, the artist and the circumstances. That’s the good thing: this is all being still formed. The educational side of Biophilia has been totally non-profit. It has been international and thousands of children have done the courses now, most of them “underprivileged”. We were getting tons of requests to teach the educational program in areas where no-one had iPhones, so it made sense to ask those who wanted to help these kids out to donate. This was not money going to me and now the Biophilia educational project is rolling on Android in many places! All non-profit of course.”


On the relationship between the internet and music:

“I think it is still in the making. It is sad though how long it has taken and how desperately many have clung to the old ways. It means that a generation of musicians haven’t gotten paid for their music. Let’s hope it will get solved soon, but I feel the artists need also to come up with solutions because they are the only ones that know what they need.”


On the recent criticism of Spotify and how it benefits artists:

“It could possibly be improved if there is will.”


Björk gave the interview ahead of her talk at this year’s Wired 2013 convention. The technology conference, hosted by the American magazine and online periodical, will take place between 17-18 October at London’s Tobacco Dock.

Read the full piece here.

[via The 405]