DOVE is following up '95 LP King and Belly's well-received reissues of Star. They've already teased another song ("Human Child") from the album, which is produced by the band's Tom Gorman and longtime friend Paul Q. Kolderie.

"I have a lot of affection for 'Shiny One'," says the group's Tanya Donelly. "It was the first completely collaborative song we've ever done - Gail [Greenwood] wrote the riff and the chorus, Tom and I wrote the verse and bridge, Chris [Gorman]’s parts shaped the direction and vibe. When I hear it, I hear all four of us equally."

Belly have big tour plans for the summer, including a heap of shows in the UK in June. Find out more.


  1. Mine
  2. Shiny One
  3. Human Child
  4. Faceless
  5. Suffer The Fools
  6. Girl
  7. Army Of Clay
  8. Stars Align
  9. Quicksand
  10. Artifact
  11. Heartstrings
DOVE is out 4 May.