"Never Get To Fuck Any1" is the third track to be shared from Teartracks, following July's "Idiot" and May's album opener "Tapioca Cheeks".

Banoffee says of the new release, "I wanted the record to track a couple of different emotions. It goes from like, 'You don't love me enough' to like, 'Shit, I'm never gonna have sex like this again', which is really materialistic and quite funny."

Teatracks will follow Banoffee's 2020 debut album Look At Us Now Dad, and features collaborations with PC Music’s Planet 1999, Perto and Ceci G.

Speaking about the album, Banoffee adds, "This record only could have come after 2020 and 2019, because it really is about a very specific period of my life that swallowed me in. There's no longterm songs in there about anything from the past or hope for the future. It’s about this one event - this is how I feel."

"Never Get To Fuck Any1" is out now. Banoffee's Teatracks album will be released 22 October.