In a new interview with Best Fit, Banks has shared some details about a poetry release coinciding with her forthcoming third album, "I’m releasing a poetry book! I’m just as excited about this poem book as the album! I’ve always been a songwriter, and therefore a poet, but now that I’ve embraced writing poetry, I’ve noticed that the area that my music comes from and the area that my poetry comes from both feed into the same funnel that helps me heal and function."

Comparing her songwriting to poetry, Banks told Best Fit, "Every song is about the graphic, gritty details of my life: resentment, guilt, love, lust, jealousy, missing my mom, whatever; it’s about little things, whereas my poetry comes more from this wisdom-voice – this more full-bodied, old wisewoman I’ve discovered that lives inside of me."

During the interview, Banks shared two poems, titled "Ode to the Grey Zone" and "The Jerk".

So far Banks has shared two singles from her upcoming III record, including Francis and the Lights collaboration "Look What You're Doing To Me", and "Gimme".

Banks' new album III drops on 12 July via Harvest Records, and is available to pre-order now. Read Best Fit's interview with Banks.