Next month Arca is due to release her KICK ii album, and following the release of "Prada" and "Rakata" last week, a new video premiere for a non-KICK ii track titled "Electra Rex" has appeared on her YouTube.

Fans in the YouTube video chat are convinced the track will appear on Arca's KICK iii album, which hasn't been announced yet.

KICK ii will follow Arca's 2020 Grammy-nominated album KiCk i, and will feature production and songwriting contributions from Cardopusher, Boys Noize, Mica Levi, Jenius Level, Wondagurl and Cubeatz.

"Electra Rex" will be unveiled tomorrow (9 November) at 3pm GMT. Arca's KICK ii album will be released 3 December via XL Recordings.