Last weekend Arca fans were convinced that she would be releasing a surprise fifth album as part of her KICK anthology, after she shared an image of the MP3 folders on a computer that featured a "K5" folder at the bottom.

Their theories have since proved right, as Arca has completed her KICK album series with a fifth and final instalment today (3 December), after releasing ii, iii and iiii throughout the week.

kiCK iiiii features 12 tracks in total, and includes a collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto on a song titled "Sanctuary".


  1. In The Face
  2. Pu
  3. Chiquito
  4. Estrogen
  5. Ether
  6. Amrep
  7. Sanctuary (feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto)
  8. Tierno
  9. Músculos
  10. La Infinita
  11. Fireprayer
  12. Crown
Arca's KICK anthology is out now via XL Recordings.