The "Lonely" singer Akon has been undergoing plans to improve the quality of life over in Africa.

Having launched his Akon Lighting Africa initiative in 2014, Akon is now looking to branch out to gain more funding for his project that hopes to bring reneweable energy to Africa.

With the world of cryptocurrency still a strange concept, Akon has decided to lead the herd and launch his own form of digital money, called Akoin.

Page Six reports that his cryptocurrency could launch within two weeks, as Akon announced his digital funding at Cannes Lions.

Speaking at the panel discussion, Akon explained, “I think that blockchain and crypto [currency] could be the savior for Africa in many ways because it brings the power back to the people and brings the security back into the currency system and also allows the people to utilize it in ways where they can advance themselves and not allow government to do those things that are keeping them down.”

The famous singer also launched his cryptocurrency site, which states plans to build a 2000-acre city near Senegal that can run business smoothly with Akoin. Find out more details.