While Vill Vill Vest had a number of excellent performances from the likes of Best Fit-featured Misty Coast, Apothek and , we also discovered the summery melodies of Strange Hellos, the dramatic persona of Thea Hjelmeland and the rousing Bergen-based hip hop crew Dårlig Vane, who produced one of the best shows of the weekend.

But the buzz was always about Sigrid. Sharing a management team with AURORA (and last name with brother Tellef Raabe) it's no surprise there are echoes of the fellow Bergen-ite in her music...however Sigrid's athletic and urgent stage persona and more pop-focused output could propel her further than anywhere AURORA, who played a wonderful surprise set on Saturday evening, has been so far. Signing to Island ahead of her first VVV performance left a lot of labels wailing and gnashing their teeth.

So here's your chance...listen below to Sigrid before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon. And expect some new music soon.