Misty Coast's home town of Bergen might be a wetter - and foggier - western seaboard than, say, the west coast of the US but this first track has all the sunshine and psychedelia that the Golden State has to offer.

Minimal yet filling every available space with rich instrumentation and effects, "Funny World" is all booming drums and echoing, reverb-drenched guitars, tempered and mellowed by Linn Frøkedal's high, sweet vocal and Myklebust's languid harmonies.

The outcome is a mix of innocence and experience, with Frøkedal's "I can't let it go, I got to know" refrain heavy with meaning and regret....yet also a sense of escapism gnawing at the edges. With a video filmed in the town of Etne, south of Bergen, and production from Matias Tellez (Young Dreams, Sondre Lerche), the whole package of "Funny World" is a promising start for Misty Coast.

Out via Diamond Club - the singles club offshoot of Brilliance - today, you can watch and listen to the track below.