Back in April, 65daysofstatic announced a year-long project titled Unreleased/Unreleasable Vol.4 - A Year of Wreckage, which features "Decomposition Theory sessions, algorithmic experiments, soundscapes, sad piano, noisy guitars, weird time signatures, math insanity beats. And more. New releases monthly, loosely themed, a way to articulate the breadth of the 65PROJECT in a digestible way."

Now the Sheffield band have announced their first studio album since 2013's Wild Light - although they did do the No Man's Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe soundtrack back in 2016.

Speaking about their forthcoming record, drummer Rob Jones explains, "This was supposed to be the future, but that future got cancelled. History is moving but it’s got nowhere to go. It’s piling up all around us. That’s what this record is about. This atemporality is an illusion, it’s the cultural logic of late capitalism, consuming everything faster and faster, each artefact a more diluted replica of the last. Even the idea that "pop will eat itself" is eating itself. We need to find a way out."


  1. pretext
  2. stillstellung
  3. d|| tl | | |
  4. bad age
  5. 05|| | 1|
  6. sister
  7. gr[]v—_s
  8. popular beats
  9. five waves
  10. interference_1
  11. []lid
  12. z03
  13. u| || | th | r| d
  14. trackerplatz
replica, 2019 is due to land on 27 September via Superball Music. Subscribe to 65daysofstatic's year-long project over on