The Book Of Law, an album exploring Rothman's gender fluidity and the "experience vocalising this to a father who couldn't accept it", features Rothman and their nine alter-egos. We've met quite a few already through tunes such as Marissa Nadler-featuring "Ain't Afraid Of Dying", Kristin Kontrol collaboration "Jordan", Kim Gordon team-up "Designer Babies", "H", "Users", Charli XCX collab "Oz Vs. Eden", and "California Paranoia" (ft. Angel Olsen).

"Stand By" reintroduces alter-ego Aleister. The slick atmospheric pop backing features input from D'Angelo collaborator Pino Palladinio and Dennis Hamm, who plays with Thundercat. It's a breezy, summery mesh of earwormy coos and dreamy wisps of guitar.

"Shedding my walls and coming to terms with my gender identity," explains Rothman. "I wrote the nucleus of the lyrics and idea in an airport on my way to my childhood home to explain to my father whom did not understand how I identified myself. I wanted to do this conversation in person. My flight was delayed and I was on 'stand by' and because I have such a fear of flying I got spooked and left the airport. The conversation never happened face to face. It was hashed out on the phone - resulting in a traumatic excommunication from him. I haven't been in the same room with my father ever since."

Justin Raisen (Sky Ferreira, HEALTH) produces Rothman's debut record, with Sad Pony helping produce "Stand By".

The Book Of Law is out 3 November via Downtown/Interscope.