Made up of Dane Caspar Hesselager (synths, keys) and Australian Carl Coleman on vocals and guitar (assisted by Christian Rindorf on drums) who met on a bus touring round Hesselager's home country in 2014, Palace Winter has already released debut EP Medication - which included the single "Menton" - and are gearing up for the release of what could be one of the must-hear albums of 2016 this summer.

Beginning with a fade-in (more songs need a fade in) and sounding like a lost cut from R.E.M's Reckoning recording sessions, "Positron" is forceful and naggingly insistent right from the off. The Rickenbacker-esque riff dances around the same chord structure for almost the entire main body of the track (and it's no coincidence you can hear the lines "circle like a shark" somewhere in there), pausing only to let the sunniest of melodies take over in the chorus where Coleman and Hesselager trade harmonies before letting the song off its leash for an astonishingly heady psych rock outtro, all pounding drums and effects pedals. In one fell swoop "Positron" has its curtains drawn, blocking out the sunlight and preparing you for something darker, denser.

With the band's debut album - about to be revealed any day now - to be released on the continually impressive Danish label Tambourhinoceros in the summer, this song could be a festival staple come the end of the season. 

Listen to "Positron" below.

Photo courtesy of Robert Lund