The 19-year-old rapper, singer and producer from North London writes his tracks with endearing openness. On “Finding Peace”, Osquello shares his battles with a dark chapter of his life, having gone through a downward spiral in his mental health.

He flows from rap to low-key sung choruses reminiscent of King Krule, and blends hip-hop with fluttering brass, layered creatively over celestial synths and funk-fuelled guitars.

Lyrically, Lewis speaks candidly about losing his confidence and feeling undeserving of good things, while those closest to him started to distance themselves. He then battled to find positivity and rise above the situation – the inspiring key takeaway from the new track.

“It’s my lesson on how to find peace and how to react to things that would usually affect us, our ego or mental illness,” Osquello says. “This track is about how to hold on and keep growing, even when you doubt yourself and think you’re a piece of shit.”

“Finding Peace” is out now and follows Osquello's previous single “Tired Creature”. His debut EP Good Morning Simulation drops in January. Find Osquello on Instagram.