21 year old Matilda Melin, aka Sweden's ORKID is quickly emerging as Sweden's skyrocketing new pop star, and continues her string of infectious releases after this year's three previous singles: the punchy power-anthem “Wasted” and catchy hooks and beats of “Nonoh” and “Obvious”. This time around, ORKID throws us a curve-ball with a wintery reflection on losing a loved one on “Hands”.

””Hands” is about thoughts you're going through when you’re really close to losing a loved one, or someone very close to you,” explains Melin. “When we wrote the song we were both going through just that. It was very natural for both of us during the session we wrote this song, trying to process the whole thing. The anger, the sadness, the fear of ending up alone.”

"Hands” is out now. Find ORKID on Facebook.