"Wasted" is a super-sized power anthem that was made for the carefree attitude of Friday nights. It's practically filled to the brim with lust and is powered by a punchy backing line of electro beats that gives the whole thing the immediacy of a mega hit.

At the tender of age of 16, Melin made it to the finals of Sweden's version of Idol all the way back in 2013, but afterwards she decided to go back to school and took a few years out to work out what kind of popstar she was going to be. Last year, she made a return with two singles, but it's with "Wasted" that she has taken strides forward and has properly defined where she is heading.

"Wasted" is everything you want from polished pop, with hook after hook hitting you between the eyes in perpetual motion. It's catchy, slick and marks ORKID out as a very exciting prospect for future greatness.

"Wasted" is out now.