“Nothing” swirls and spits its way to a Dexedrine-fuelled Balearic crescendo that sounds like Air France’s “Karibien in another life. After her darkly trippy take on Lana Del Rey’s “Gods and Monsters” last year and January’s Melodica Recordings-released debut EP, we’re really starting to see a fleshing out of her musical direction, which hits at invention towards a subtly bassy and nuanced electro with an intelligencen and heart at the centre. As she puts it, “I’m about always trying to trigger people’s autonomous sensory meridian response…”

Listen to “Nothing” below and check out Mokadem’s recent mix for Dummy. You can catch her live on Dummy’s stage at the Camden Crawl on 21 June 2014.

Find out more: Soundcloud | Tumblr | Facebook

Dummy: 21st Century Pop Music 2014 is released on limited edition gold and fluoro-orange double vinyl with CD insert (500 copies) and digitally on 23 June, alongside a limited edition ‘21st Century Pop Music’ T-shirt to commemorate the release. The full list of tracks is:

01. John Wizards – Welcome To Cape Town, Cape Town Welcomes You *
02. Álauda – Falling Star *
03. Larry Gus – Translucid (Two Worlds Cont.) *±
04. Tev’n – Chasing Storms (Kwes Rework) *
05. Palmistry – Ascensión feat. BlazeKidd and Uli K *
06. Amateur Best feat. Empress Of – Create Your Love
07. Tirzah – I’m Not Dancing (Damien Taylor Rejiggle) *
08. Empress Of – Realize You (East India Youth Remix) *±
09. Real Lies – World Peace
10. Brolin – Inspectr *±
11. Eyedress – White Lies
12. Cadenza feat. Deena Jonez – The Darkest Hype (Wondagurl Remix)
13. Mokadem – Nothing *±
14. E.m.m.a & Will LV – Lies, Lies, Lies *±
15. Kit Grill – City By Night *±

* = previously unreleased
± = exclusive