LA trio Sir Sly will release their debut EP Ghost on 4 March via National Anthem, the London imprint who helped catapult Haim and CHVRCHES into the spotlight last year. ‘Easy Now’ won’t feature among the three tracks on Ghost but that hasn’t stopped Sir Sly from executing this sensual new drop with their signature brooding panache.

Softly tinkling piano chords, murky undulating basslines and a wash of pleasantly lilting guitars add a glossy sheen to the deep soul-searching verses spat from vocalist Landon Jacobs’ throat. Those contemplative pangs of regret are echoed in the rippling drum breaks; forming the heartbeat of ‘Easy Now’, pounding away in our temples and drawing us to the expansive, emotional climax.

Sir Sly recognise the distinction between melodramatic and sincere introspective songwriting; wielding that power to create uniquely devastating alternative pop.