Her nostalgic debut has a warm lo-fi feel and an infectious chorus, melding sounds from the worlds of 60s folk and jangle pop, while Bardo’s voice takes on a wistful Stevie Nicks quality. She effortlessly combines addictive Byrds-esque pop with relatable and thoughtful lyricism.

“'Desire' is about wanting to move away from something, to move on,” says Bardo. “When you're tired of waiting, when your body is stuck in one place, but your mind goes around looking for something better.”

Bardo seems determined to forge her own path, explaining: “You have to go and take it yourself, because if you don't, nobody else will” - and we're convinced she'll make a name for herself.

Bardo is also the guitarist of Working Men’s Club, who recently released their own debut single. While this will likely be the first time you’ve heard Julia Bardo, it definitely won’t be the last - more music is set to follow later in the year.

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