Combining synth-heavy arrangements reminiscent of Shura with a laid-back Billie Black-esque vocal, foxgluvv is a project that keeps on hitting that retro-pop sweet spot. Whilst her vocals keeps on serving its meandering slacker vibe, "Not Cute" sees Davies tightening up her '80s-infused sound, abandoning the hungover haze of debut single "Crush" for something a little slicker and more direct. There’s a disco feel to "Not Cute"'s percussion, with sharp woodblock and handclaps punctuating that synthpop shimmer.

Lyrically, Davies keeps it real with her relatable relationship narratives. "You’re not cool enough for me, and I’m not cute enough for you," she muses, letting a doomed lover know why it would never work out with a casual kiss-off couched in a signature lazy, roundabout chorus.

"Not Cute" is out now.