Revelling in simplicity and the art of 'not overdoing it', Boniface has offered up a song that does not need to rely on pomp and circumstance or any additional novelties - it is quite simply a solid expression of his emotions at a particular snapshot in time.

The gorgeously simple song comes as a B-Side to recent release "Phantom Limbs" and sees the Canadian artist lay all his innermost thoughts and feelings bare for everyone to see on the one-take demo. In two and half minutes, Boniface creates a wholly intimate atmosphere where it feels as though he is only confiding in you. He perfectly captures frustration, heartbreak and sadness and seems to reveal more of himself than he ever has before.

“I had no idea how biographical this song was when writing — at the time I thought I was feeling really positive about things, but sat down at a piano and wrote this song that kind of broke my heart" Explains the artist about the song's creation, "I wrote it about a year ago in London and forgot about it until we started thinking about a B side. One night I was listening to old voice memos and this one kind of freaked me out— the intimacy and honesty in it even though I couldn’t have admitted it when writing.”

"For Love - Demo" is available everywhere now.