Awash with the dazzling waters that gave rise to experimental pop legends Kate Bush and Cocteau Twins, the Lake District producer's majestic electronic compositions stand fully-formed and hypnotic in their own right. Propulsive and spellbinding new single “Dawn Faces” beckons us further into her glimmering wonderland.

“Dawn Faces” is ornate and ambitious dream-pop at its very best. Framed by synths that flit and dive like fairy tale creatures, Etherington’s mesmeric, airy chant dips into a truly glorious lower register. The thundering chorus launches all glittering proceedings skyward with rhapsodic overlapping vocals and weighty, textured drums. Ultra melodic and wholly enchanting, this is a song that demands repeat listenings. 

Pair "Dawn Faces" with M83's “We Own the Sky” in a playlist and you may never return to earth.

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