Hearkening not only the glistening mountain region from where Etherington hails, ACRE TARN's “music derived from earth and machine” just as easily echoes the metropolitan majesty of bejeweled skyscrapers at night. Etherington generously takes her cues from her stylistic forbears, but injects decidedly contemporary electronica flourishes to make her songs unique.

“Lanterns” builds simply enough from a twinkling bell pattern underpinned with a deep synth hum. Throughout, Etherington’s expansive vocals work to pry the song open and completely envelop us, and it does just that in its final minute as its textured percussion and drum machines shift into overdrive.

Coming off the heels of this autumn’s Dawn Faces EP, one can only hope “Lanterns” is a harbinger of more material to come.  Stream the thrilling track below.

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