People go see Iceage for a lot of reasons – brattish punk rock, slurred calls to arms, to stock up on knives – but rarely beauty. And that’s what makes ‘Morals’ the most intriguing cut from their excellent You’re Nothing LP; it’s characteristically pained, sure, but the aggression is handled with far more splendour than you’ll be used to from the young Danes. It’s Iceage with bells on, if by bells you mean a piano, which I do.

This performance, shot in the band’s own Copenhagen studio, showcases everything that excites about Iceage at once. Whilst the piano twinkles elegantly atop the punkish squall, singer Elias Rønnenfelt tightly grips the microphone with leather gloves, shouting “where’s your morals?” at an unidentified target that you worry might just be you, the listener.