The new track marks the halfway point of VILDE's debut album, which will be 12 tracks in length upon its release in September this year. It will be a collection of songs which have been released monthly, "High Horse" is the sixth and follows February's "Weathered" and January's "Life-Sized".

If you listen carefully you'll notice that "High Horse" features the sound of birds, Thomas explains that, "One day my girlfriend woke up to discover the bare winter tree outside the window full of birds making a helluva racket. So (of course!) she decided to record it. I begged for the sample, so she gave it to me in the end. Then I plain decided I wanted to make some kind of a pop song in 7/4 and ended up with "High Horse"."

These natural elements are something which come into play across the whole of the VILDE project, pairing modern synthesised sounds with analogue instrumentation and often odd lyrics. "High Horse" is an example of VILDE's shapeshifting artistry as he builds his first full-length record from the ground up.

"High Horse" is out now.