Pinkshinyultrablast are not the sort of one-dimensional ethereal guitar band you might expect. Formed in St Petersburg and with two albums under their belt, the group are approaching a fully matured sound that takes influence from krautrock and Japanese art-pop as well as Terry Riley, Steve Reich and obviously, Cocteau Twins.

Their latest offering, “In The Hanging Gardens”, is a product of vocalist Luboyv’s move to LA and the subsequent effect of that move to the band’s songwriting. It is big and abrasive but also tender at points, a possible reflection of the dichotomy between Cold War Soviet Russian and ‘80s America where a lot of the sounds are taken from.

“In The Hanging Gardens” is not so much an insight into young modern Russia but a glimpse at an artistic process that has broken down barriers and is taking influence from anywhere and everywhere.

“In The Hanging Gardens” is out now via Club AC30