Always ones to make an impact and clearly not ones to dilly dally around, Noisy return with their new track “Do It Like That”. Making an impression with their stone cold debut release “So What”, the Brighton newcomers continue their blasé trajectory with the singular sound of their latest outing.

That’s not to say the band - comprised of rapper and singer Cody, producer and guitarist Spencer and fellow guitarist Connor - are too cool to care; it is apparent from the solid production, innovative arrangements and synth-laden melodies that a lot of love, passion and nurturing has gone into their output.

Taking the sound of “So What” and spinning the dial higher, “Do It Like That” further explores their penchant for frenetic drum and bass beats, gurning synth work and abrasively gobby vocals. Crammed to the brim with energy and layer-upon-layer of potent hooks, it’s a perfect example of why Noisy prove impossible to ignore.

“‘Do It Like That’ came about after we moved our studio into Connor’s living room,” share Noisy of the single. “We all worked together at the hospital opposite his gaff, so we’d go back and forth during lunch breaks to work on tunes.

“The song is about a generation of people that wanna let loose and have a good time, like us. We’re just rounding them up for a big party. You can be anyone you want to be tonight... bring the pack down!”

“Do It Like That” is available now via Island Records. Follow Noisy on Facebook.