NANCY still has his mask on after arriving last month with the euphoric, and chaotic "Teenage Fantasy". Today, the mysterious musician returns to reveal two new tracks.

The first, "I'm Not Getting Sober, I'm Just Getting Older (Helluva Guy)" is a relentless burst of screaming and scratching guitars, washed with rumbling vocals to create a seemingly drunk offering that sits somewhere between surf-punks FIDLAR and Wavves' raucous riffs.

As we move onto the second track "French Cinnamon", NANCY manipulates his lo-fi sound into a slick offering with a chorus that could easily soundtrack the next James Bond film.

"French Cinnamon" has a sophisticated structure, and introduces a new side to NANCY as he swaps his shouty vocals for passionate singing that rings with elegance, emphasised by the backing brass instrumentals and twangy guitars that blend beautifully with the fundamental lo-fi that ties all his tracks together.

The new singles are lifted from NANCY's debut seven-track EP Mysterious Visions, which arrives 9 November, and is available to pre-order on a limited cigarette packet casette - there's only 300 copies up for grabs!

Speaking about the limited release, NANCY explained, "I produce, record and mix my music. I shoot, animate and edit my videos and I create my artwork and all packaging. This is my world and I'm trying to describe it to you so I need to be fully in control of my art form, down to the finest details, to me the way your music is packaged is crucial to the overall effect. Like cigarettes, my fantasy world is highly addictive and probably bad for you”.

"I'm Not Getting Sober, I'm Just Getting Older (Helluva Guy)" and "French Cinnamon" are both available now via Cannibal Hymns and B3SCI Records. Find NANCY on Twitter.