Exploding with colourful and clashing melodies, "Teenage Fantasy" is a whirlwind of synths and guitars that offers a glimpse into NANCY's world.

Both angelic and mischievous, NANCY's debut track blends youthful harmonies in the chorus with sleek production, reeling between screeching synths and hazy vocals to whisk you off to your own mind.

The chaotic and compelling offering feels like a summer water fight, delivered with UV-drenched melodies and lo-fi vocals that explodes with synths on impact.

Speaking about "Teenage Fantasy", NANCY comments, ""Teenage Fantasy" is your first glimpse into my world. A peak behind the curtain before the matinee begins. I am the pop culture that you all love, chewed up and spat out back onto the canvas. "Teenage Fantasy" is the song I hear when I dream. It wakes me up nostalgic for a time that never existed. It is the soundtrack to the childhood I never had and the road map to a future I can't predict. It's Nancy…”

The new single is taken from NANCY's debut seven-track EP Mysterious Visions, which arrives 9 November, and is available to pre-order on a limited cigarette packet casette limited to 300 copies.

Speaking about the limited release, NANCY explained, "I produce, record and mix my music. I shoot, animate and edit my videos and I create my artwork and all packaging. This is my world and I'm trying to describe it to you so I need to be fully in control of my art form, down to the finest details, to me the way your music is packaged is crucial to the overall effect. Like cigarettes, my fantasy world is highly addictive and probably bad for you”.

"Teenage Fantasy" is out now on Cannibal Hymns and B3SCI Records.