Following last month's "Keep Up With Your Heart", London-based singer/songwriter Mysie continues to impress with "In My Mind" which is written about “the prospect of lust” – a desire to be with someone you shouldn’t be. It’s a sophisticated and intelligent piece of writing, focussing on the moment you let the control slip away and allow yourself to be drawn to the person you shouldn’t be drawn to.

Mysie has such a way with words, and her songwriting is no different. This latest effort features purposeful, clever, and thought-out production and arrangement - precisely portraying the emotion of the song. Every time the funk-laden bass hits for the chorus it adds another layer of sensuality.

The track, co-written and produced by Paul Dixon, aka Fyfe, is perhaps Mysie's most danceable yet – as Mysie and choreographer DeeDee skilfully demonstrate in this clip on Instagram. Describing Undertones, Mysie says “it's a record that draws you in, it's that record that lifts you up before going for a night out but is still there to soothe you when you get back home".

Undertones is out 21 May via 70Hz. Watch Mysie's stripped-back Off The Road session now.