MT. LOW have been breaking ground in recent months with music that is both original and deeply moving, and their new single, "Her Eyes on Me”, is just that. Following on from the release of their debut mixtape Lost of Love earlier this year, the stripped back track begins with sumptuous synth lines and muffled drums, before giving way to a chorus of simple piano that gives the song a beautiful clarity.

Even before lockdown forced the creative community online, brothers Will and Matt Ritson had long preferred to create their music remotely via email, WhatsApp or phone calls. The space this method affords them has routinely allowed the duo to add visual expression to their music, with lush and emotive videos regularly accompanying their releases.

The video for ‘Her Eyes on Me’, a tape of Matt dancing freely in front of a beautiful sunset, is just another example of their ability to seamlessly meld visual and sonic landscapes together. “‘Her Eyes on Me’ uses a lot of parallel imagery from the Salton Sea, which is exactly what you see in the video. Shooting it was a real moment; right as the sun was setting, we just decided to stop on our drive home and film something - We did it all in one take with no music.” Matt adds, “I’ve always wanted to move in my on way and somehow far away, in the desert, in the middle of nowhere, I found the space to do it.”

The track’s lyrics also address a difficult period for Will. Speaking on how he used his music to channel his feelings from that worrying time, he notes that, “This song is both heart-breaking and triumphant for me. The lyrics are based around a moment when my partner was taken into intensive care.

"I had to come to terms with a lot of things: loss, love and vulnerability,” he continues. "These emotions resonated with me for a long time and I think you can really sense that vulnerability in the song and video. It says to me, letting go and being yourself is difficult and beautiful.”

As the rest of the world begins to emerge from lockdown, one band’s creative process will largely be unaffected by our newfound freedom. It’s an exciting time to be following a group who approach making music as uniquely as MT. LOW, especially when the results are so captivating.

"Her Eyes on Me" is available now via Only Dreaming. Follow MT. LOW on Instagram.