"Blue Splinter View" very much introduces itself as an unassuming Americana track lulled by tremelo-bent strums and singer Charlotte Brandi's soft croon.

As drum bells chink and rootsy bass rumbles, nothing quite prepares the listener for its explosive chorus. Here, shouts echo across the track's dusty plains, lifted by tempestuous drums and darting guitar lines that jolt the song into action.

This brazen writing could well be attributed to tumultuous nature of break-ups, of which the song is based upon.

"A girl just broke up with her beloved mate, not because they don’t love each other anymore, but because their love has transformed more into an asexual brother/sister relationship and could not keep up with the desires of the two kids," the band says.

"It's a song about spinning around your own axis in space."

Spinning around your own axis or simply lost in the whirlwind of a sterling new single, we're happy Me And My Drummer are back.

"Blue Splinter View" appears on Me And My Drummer's forthcoming album Love Is A Fridge, released on 12 February 2016 via Sinnbus.