She may only be 19 years old, but Maude Latour carries a self-awareness that surpasses her years. Her innate worldliness is palpable in her latest single, in which she begins a quest to open her mind and discover a higher purpose. For Latour, it is a moment of affirmation.

“To me, 'Starsick' is everything I have ever tried to say. This song is the epitome of who I am and what I am looking for,” shares Latour, who coined the aforementioned term whilst gazing in awe at the heavens one night in Joshua Tree. Pondering the night sky had her recall her fear of “nothingness” as a child, and made her realise how her perspective has changed with age. “I've come to realise these dark moments of existential panic are a gift. These extreme instances of loneliness are what also gives me the highest moments in which I feel like a conduit between the Earth and the heavens”.

Striking the same chord as Lorde, Latour weaves potently self-aware tales into her lyrics as she lives a life both vibrant and carefree, documenting her memories, thoughts and feelings in her songs along the way. In that way, listeners are transported into Latour’s world and are vicariously spirited away on her adventures amidst a soundtrack of bubbling beats and romantic, temperate synths. These are the best days of Latour’s life, and she knows it.

Fittingly, “Starsick” was a birthday gift to Latour’s best friend Morgan as she turned 19. “She is the person who I immediately feel this power with, she sees the universe the same way that I do. My soulmate. The song includes the guilt I've always felt for growing up, a loss of childhood that gets replaced by a pact to never be boring.”

Kindred spirits, the pair champion a personal philosophy called The Revolution, believing that the primary goal in life should be mindfulness, empathy and defining one’s personal spirituality based on total love for yourself and others, whether it be in everyday life or part of a political perception. “It starts in your own heart: self-love, growing your confidence (not ego), and sharing your secrets with the world (there is nothing that another human shouldn't understand. It is to question your own beliefs, and learning to question everything around you.

“I hope this song has a percentage of the effect on others that it has on me,” concludes Latour. “This song is my bible, it is everything to me”.

“Starsick” is available now. Follow Maude Latour on Instagram.