South London singer/songwriter Malory displays a finesse for future pop bangers with her newest single. The sprightly twinkles of piano alongside Malory's sweet vocals give the track a charming Regina Spektor feel, while the lyrics are a starry-eyed glimpse into an all-consuming romance.

It's 'us against the world' on “Last To Die”, and the intersection of intense love and death is lyrically reminiscent of “There is a Light That Never Goes Out”.

“You know that feeling of being so in love with someone that the whole world fades around you when you're alone together,” Malory says of her track's idyllic inspiration, “nothing else exists!”

Malory's ability to frame the track around a rousing sing-along chorus came surprisingly easy to her while working alongside producer Nick Kingsley: “The production came together just as easily as it did to write, flowing out of me, we took influences from Noah and The Whale and F.U.N,” she adds. “It takes you on a journey and builds, I always feel so uplifted and joyful after listening to it."

“Last To Die” is out on 30th November via Extreme Music. Malory's debut album, Cornucopia, is due for release early next year. Find Malory on Facebook.