The closing song from Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys’ new album is an unfeigned love letter that shows a more direct approach to Kruger’s songwriting.

Wrapped in lustful guitar tones, "Warm II" sees Kruger deliver personal declarations of longing in an alluring, hushed manner, drawing the listener in to hang on to every word. "Something split inside this pale chest / Fuck," Kruger sings softly, projecting an internal poem of her surrender to love while still maintaining her signnature intimate delivery.

The lulling beat and guitar melody is consistent throughout, with notes of melancholia delivered in a soothing manner. Kruger’s pace allows the lustful tone to build throughout, before delivering a confessional closing statement, "Moments away from telling you anything / To draw you in / To keep you in."

"The last song contains some of the least veiled lyrics on the record," explains Kruger, "and finally falls into the warmth of feeling - a soft place to land after a rather tumultuous journey. It is a love letter still shyly in the hands of the sender, full of light and want and inevitability."

"Warm II" is out now on Unique Records alongside Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys’ Transit Tapes (for women who move furniture around) album. Follow Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys on Instagram.