An energetic, carefree guitar track that feels built for the indie dance floor, “Hoochie” is an effortless follow-up to Lauran Hibberd's tongue-in-cheek “Sugardaddy” released earlier this year. Her new track is bursting with witty, self-assured lyrics (“Nothing ever hit you like my motorbike / It’s cute that you cried”), that deliver playful sass through Hibberd’s sugary vocals.

Although fans may think the track is named after Hibberd’s new hamster, she explains that “‘Hoochie’ is a 90s slang term for a bit of a ‘loose’ woman. For me, this track is kind of that three-month period, after you’ve stopped hanging out with someone and you realise that actually they were kind of a tool, and that maybe you are alright. I think there’s a confidence in this track lyrically that I’m yet to filter through to my actual life. I’m looking forward to that happening”.

“Hoochie” is out today. Find Lauran Hibberd on Facebook. She'll play Hit The North festival in Newcastle on 5 May and The Lexington on 23 May.