The track continues Jackie Cohen's streak of work alongside Brian D'Addario and Michael D’Addario from The Lemon Twigs and Foxygen's Jonathan Rado, full of the same elegant eccentricity that flowed through her previous EP.

With its jittering blues riffs and the glittering strokes of haunting keys, the song embodies a country-esque twang as Cohen outlines her nightmarish experiences, singing "Night-time intrusions / Seems like my dreams and destiny are in collusion".

The song has a hallucinogenic quality that is threaded with insomnia, providing a taster of the EP which once again sees Cohen place a candid discussion of mental health at the heart of her work. It's clever, and in places complex, but always phenomenally enthralling in its delivery.

The track comes alongside the announcement that Cohen will release the second part to her two part EP later this year entitled Tacoma Night Terror Part 2: Self-Fulfilling Elegy, adding another dimension to the extended piece of work.

Speaking on how this new EP builds on the previous collection of songs, Cohen says “I had the blues, but now I’ve gone a bit green. Worried. Can’t sleep. What do you think it is? Probably nothing. Neck looks swollen. Does my neck look really swollen to you? Hand’s numb, too. Left one. The death one. You know, I did see Death about an hour ago, waving at me from an apartment window across the way. Maybe let’s say our goodbyes now, just in case?”

Tacoma Night Terror Part 2: Self-Fulfilling Elegy will be released on 12 October via Spacebomb Records.