Their new single is the latest in a string of socially active belters centred around topics such as body image, abortion law, and marriage equality. "Sin" is a track that - so says the press release - "addresses the need to embrace female sexuality and autonomy, instead of demonising it or ignoring it full stop."

Julie HAWK's typically bold delivery is flanked by robust, Hole-esque grit and cymbal tsunamis - it's a raucous dip into empowerment, produced by HAWK themselves, that makes a beeline for your mind and refuses to leave. Despite gothy tendencies, there's lightness in the strength that Hawk & Co. offer.

"It’s shouting about embracing our feelings, our cravings, our pasts, and even our mistakes, as we define them," Hawk (the person) explains. "We wear them on our skin and let them empower us as women."

"Sin" is out 14 July via Veta Records.