This isn't the first time that HAWK have taken to their instruments to rally against systemic injustice, with recent(ish) single "Glass" being released in support of Ireland's marriage equality act (which was then passed).

Although politically conscious and thought-provoking lyrically, the band don't skimp on making the rest of the track simply sublime. Sharp post-punk riffs, akin to Warpaint's clearer moments or Savages' smoggier ones, line the track, which also employs trad. folk licks, slow-march beats, and tides of hypnotic bass.

This collaboration with producer Dimitri Tikovoi (The Horrors, Placebo, Marianne Faithful) sees the quartet offer a shadowy glimpse at a far darker side to their sound.

Speaking about the track, HAWK say: "'Once Told' was written about the Irish law around abortion. Abortion is still illegal in Ireland, and wider issues around pregnancy, sexuality, contraception, and sexual education are still seen as taboo, and shrouded in religious undercurrent. At the root of it, the song is about archaic mindsets and processes which systemically let down women, especially those in more vulnerable circumstances. All of it seems to stem from a lack separation between church and state and in most modern societies this isn't accepted. We hoped to draw some attention and create some debate around the issue."

"Once Told" is out via Veta on 19 February 2016. It's from a self-titled EP due April 2016.

Listen to the thundering lead single below.