After chatter of the release of her impending debut EP Pretending with the release of “I’m Your Man”, an equally punchy and quirky number, “My Love Surreal” solidifies Grace Gillespie’s distinctive take on the folk genre.

Blending tones of pop, indie, folk and electro, Gillespie relishes in her assured and lustrous new single “My Love Surreal”. With elements of a longing for euphoria intrinsically woven throughout and having written the song on a “hot concrete London summer”, “My Love Surreal” is certainly one to listen to as the days grow lighter and warmer.

Having been a touring member of Pixx and supported the likes of Nilüfer Yanya and Cosmo Pyke, it’s clear Gillespie has already settled with ease into the creative vacuum of the alternative scene.

“My Love Surreal” is a perfect and honest culmination of everything that Gillespie has wanted to illustrate to the outside world as she explores her inner frustrations with feeling “stuck” and isolated. “The circular synth patterns reflect little repetitive, negative patterns of thought,” explains Gillespie, “born out of a sense of isolation, being stuck indoors, being stuck creatively.”

“It’s easy to be critical and get stuck in these relentless little cycles of negativity,” she says. “I suppose the song was me trying to win myself over.”

“My Love Surreal” is out now and her debut EP Pretending is out 28 June via Kaleidoscope. Find Grace Gillespie on Facebook.