Maj, as Ellis May, uses analogue and digital equipment to make smoky, dreamy and unsettling music like her debut song "Old Love".

A nursery rhyme melody is looped on what sounds like Rhodes piano keys, while Maj's sultry and deep vocal is spellbinding over a simple, almost dub backbeat. There doesn't, on the face of it, appear to be much to the track but it lets us know Ellis May - this feels like an artist with an old soul, reframing the ancient and sepia-toned via an expansive digital world.

Of the track, Maj explains "to actualise the song's authenticity I didn’t want to be a singer singing, I wanted to be a woman singing." There's undoubtedly a real feminine quality to this striking piece of music, and an individualism surely drawn from her time studying Sound Design at the National Filmschool of Denmark.

“Old Love” will form part of the Dane's debut album, which is due soon. The album was mixed in collaboration with Brian Batz (Sleep Party People).

Ellis May will make her live debut at this year's SPOT Festival in Aarhus, Denmark between 4-7 May.