Having been making music for a number of years in Scandinavia, Eivør's creations have featured on the likes of Martin Scorsese’s latest film Silence, and in trailers for Game of Thrones and Homeland. Suitably atmospheric and cinematic, "Into The Mist" deserves your attention for more than the length of a trailer.

The track is an intensely dark experience - a sort of gothic electronica - only heightened by Eivør's vocal which moves from a intimate whisper, through Tanya Tagaq-esque throat singing right to a fierce higher register which delivers plenty of drama when it hits in the chorus. The video, below, is appropriately stirring.

"Into The Mist" is taken from the forthcoming album Slør; for her first commercial UK release Eivør has reworked her 2015 album of the same name, which was written and sung in Faroese. It was an eight month process to transcribe over to English but on this first impression the hard work has been completely worth it.

Slør will be out on 26 May via A&G Records Ltd / Absolute Label Services. Eivør will play Nordic Matters later in the year, and will tour the UK at the start of June, taking in Bristol, London, Manchester and Glasgow.