The Berlin-based outfit released their debut single "Hail Satin", at the end of last year. Both that and new release "Graves" have certain throwback elements to them bringing together a plethora of influences to create their sound. "Graves" pairs the band's carefree nostalgic synth-pop sound with lyrics that question some fundamental truth and experiences most of us have as humans.

Explaining the circumstances and story from which the lyrics for the track arose the band say: "Happiness only exists in the memory. The alleged love now is only a relic of the past. The day to day consists of accusations and jealousy. A habit forms between conscientiousness and the fear of being alone. The memories of old feelings ignite a last spark of hope. While trying to safe what has long been lost, we delve into ourselves until it is impossible to overcome the barricades we set up between our lover. Fainting, we come to the conclusion that it is time to finally let go."

It's this abstract relatability in the band's lyrics which will surely strike a chord, especially considering the familiarity which comes with their new wave-inspired sound. Part of the familarity and nostalgia with "Graves" comes from the recording itself - along with the rest of their forthcoming debut album, the band have recorded everything entirely in analogue, which adds a welcoming layer of dust and warmth to proceedings.

"Graves" is out 24 March.