It's an exciting start to the year for Ciminata, who introduced himself in 2017 with singles "Last Call" and "Demons". "Love Locked Out" builds on these foundations, with Ciminata continuing to explore his signature expansive, minimalistic sound. It's a sound that's been phenomenally well-received thus far, with Ciminata playing support slots for sold out Communion Music shows and Spotify picking him up on their Fresh Finds playlist. The restrained build and release of his production (in collaboration with Jack Garratt and Tom Odell producer Jack Gourlay) signposts what we can expect from the London-based singer later on in the year, with the promise of at least two more singles to come in the near future.

"It means you have to keep your soul open, let someone see inside you," Ciminata says, elaborating on the song's title. "Let them embrace your problems; if shared they become easier to face. It’s an invitation to trust others."

"Love Locked Out" is out 11 January.