We've already been blown away by her debut single "Echo" and her two shows (HALIE has played a grand total of three shows to date) at last year's Vill Vill Vest festival so it's no surprise to us that "Youth" is a total banger.

Introduced on boom-click percussion and HALIE's bold and welcoming voice which develops into a chant-worthy chorus, "Youth" is a bright and defiant track about what it means to be young and refusing to have your opinions dismissed because of age.

HALIE paraphrases Michelle Obama in the massive chorus, singing "we stay high / never go low"; it's as much a party track as a protest song in that moment, and it's completely brilliant.

Still unsigned (although under the astute management of MADE who have Sigrid and AURORA on their roster), still at school...but with "Youth" HALIE better prepare to have a lot more going on in her life than a bit of homework.

"Youth" is out now. HALIE plays by:Larm on 1 and 2 March, and Bergenfest on 16 June.