Diplo is clearly in the middle of the most productive phase of his career so far. His recent production for Usher is amongst his very best, and Major Lazer‘s ‘Original Don’, although about four months old, is still on near-constant repeat.

But if you were expecting the duo’s second album to be full of tracks as unashamedly impertinent as ‘Original Don’, it looks like you will have been mistaken. On ‘Get Free’ Major Lazer have dipped further into the reggae end of their pool of influences and fished out something oddly aquatic sounding. Globular, reverb-sprung synths and minimal percussion are offset against Amber Coffman’s constantly startling voice to produce something that sounds rather like the soundtrack to an underwater anime epic. No word of a new album yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this turned up on the next Studio Ghibli film.

‘Get Free’ is available as a free download, along with a frankly absurd Bonde do Role remix. Grab it here.