If We Were Evergreen didn’t exist, we’d have to create them.

The French trio play about a thousand different instruments, ooze a cutsey charm and create music that taps into a very special place in your soul, where sense memory takes over and a very honest appreciation of music begins. ”Most of our songs are between the past and the present, the differences between childhood and growing up,” they explain.

At an ungodly hour during Brighton’s Great Escape Festival earlier this month we met Michael, Fabienne and William and smuggled them into our hotel room for a late night Best Fit Session. They were tired, vodka and wine was flowing and we were well aware that the noise levels in the room might precipitate the owners of the establishment to kick us out. What we got was the perfectly beautiful lullaby ‘Baby Blue’, easing us into the early hours of Saturday.

The band played Bush Hall in London last night but you probably missed that – they’re back on 30 June for the Winterwell Festival in Cirencester and again in July for Secret Garden Party (21 July), Deersheed Festival (22 July) and Camp Bestival (28 July).