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Malummí revel in a Garden of Eden in their newest single “Bones”

20 October 2023, 16:00 | Written by Cassidy Sollazzo

In the latest release from their upcoming LP, indie collective Malummí explore what it means to experience borderline mythical happiness with a perfect marriage of experimental pop and psychedelic rock.

Ever loved something so much it makes you wanna die? Malummí have, and they wrote a song about it.

Swiss project Malummí are gearing up for the release of their second album, The Universe Is Black. Their latest single, “Bones," picks up where their first record, Blood, left off in 2021. Where Blood emphasised "folktronica" that toed the line of ambient, the latest singles from The Universe Is Black seem to lean into guitar textures across the genre spectrum—from dark grunge to poppy indie—with a heavy hand on the reverb.

Lyrically, “Bones” is sung from the POV of a person experiencing indescribable, over the moon happiness. Apparently, they had their share of problems at one point, but don’t anymore; wherever they currently are has gotten rid of their suffering, just by being a great place to exist - “I feel much better now / I feel much more alive / And I feel so good / I could stay here all my life.” The lyrics jump between emotional extremes, oscillating from euphoria to morbidity between lines: this person feels invigorated with life, but they also want to die in this place, “If I could I would / Bury my bones here.”

On “Bones,” Malummí use undeniably jazzy bass and drum grooves and spacey, at times reversed guitars to transport listeners to the place they never want to leave because it makes them feel so good. The track feels like a waterfall of sound; the guitar, echoing into infinity, sets the almost violent happiness the song is exploring to a meditative all-consuming loop that borders on surf rock. You’d never expect to hear lyrics about burying your own bones on top of instrumentation this bright and joyful. Lead singer Larissa Rapold delivers vocals that are conversational yet out of body, evoking something between Arlo Parks and Solange.

The da Vinci-esque music video for “Bones” leans into the idea of an Eden tenfold: beautiful people exist on some greener-than-green property that is full of crystal clear water, perfectly ripe fruit, and constantly shining sun. It is the perfect place, a place where it would be impossible to have any sort of problem. The sheer bliss is palpable, transporting viewers into the headspace of the song’s protagonist.

“Bones” sees Malummí explore their own personal rendition of psych rock to meditate on the two sides of euphoria.

“Bones” is out now. Find Malummí on Instagram.

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