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Lea G invites the world to share in her candid sensitivity on "EMPATH"

31 March 2023, 13:30 | Written by Janita Purcell

By way of London, Austrian-raised Lea G is on a mission to pen songs with delicate themes in expansive and emphatic alt-pop production; her latest track "EMPATH" is no different, providing healing and catharsis in its bold honesty.

Lea G isn't one to shy away from topics that might sting, using her music as a window into the trials and tribulations of growing up in the world today. Radiating through her previous work, as well as her latest release "EMPATH", is a reflection of just that; of the many intimate emotions that simultaneously go unspoken, whilst being universally shared and felt intensely by so many.

Having grown up in Austria, Lea moved to London at the age of 19 to pursue a career in music, studying both songwriting and A&R at the Notting Hill Academy of Music. Leaving the calm for the storm in moving to London, you can hear the direct influence in her music of her experiences and what such a vast change can make to someone’s psyche. The comfort she finds in expressing such thoughts, and being honest to her mental health, is what defines her body of work.

Following on from her 2022 EP SURVIVAL MODE, "EMPATH" is an alternative-pop track with influences rooted in folk and the storytelling that accompanies such a genre. The track itself is acoustically-driven, letting the world slip away for the listener, and drawing focus onto how she’s feeling. Just like the title suggests, it’s easy to relate to and understand just how Lea feels.

“I wrote 'EMPATH' last summer when I felt like I constantly got super overwhelmed by other people's feelings because I was unable to separate my own emotions from theirs." Lea expands on the track, "I feel the song really helped me notice patterns within myself that I needed to heal so I could start taking better care of my own needs and not just those of others.”

Songwriting in itself can prove to be cathartic and healing, something that Lea is able to tap into when she makes music. But, don’t be confused - "EMPATH" isn’t a drearily sad song in style. Its intimate lyrics are set against a steady tempo that introduces a drum-beat, keeping the production expansive and atmospheric throughout.

A video is set to accompany "EMPATH", but until then Lea wants us to know that the track “is a song for anyone who is very sensitive to the world around them and struggles to keep their head above water, for all those who overthink and care a lot.” I have a feeling many people will relate.

"EMPATH" is out now. Find Lea G on Instagram.

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